About the Brand

 Earth Glamour does not believe in Animal Testing.

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free GMO free-PARABEN FREE-Leaping Bunny Approved Brand.

Earth Glamour  products are made in facilities that are certified, and do not test on animals, and does not use any animal bi products, nor does their third party affiliations.

None of our production facilities or any parent company do any animal testing.

Earth Glamour’s goal is to provide, and create products that are ethical and be least toxic as possible, while still providing a good quality product.

Earth Glamour’s Nail Polish is 100% Vegan-Cruelty Free FIVE FREE-Gluten Free

Earth Glamour’s Soy Nail Polish Remover is all Farmer Derived ingredients, No acetone,VEGAN-CRUELTY FREE, Gluten Free,and SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN.

Earth Glamour’s Lip Gloss,Lip Stick  is Gluten Free,Vegan,Cruelty Free only using the 100% all Natural and certified Organic ingredients.


We at Earth Glamour Thank you for stopping by and Promise to sell you only 100% Vegan-Cruelty Free beauty.Using Vegan beauty products you can still be BEAUTIFUL!