Compassion for All Animals

When we talk about compassion, it’s usually towards other human beings — family, friends, neighbors,people out there in the world, suffering. We talk about empathizing and understanding their suffering, and wanting to act to ease or end the suffering. We talk about taking action, through kindness, to end the suffering in some way.
But there are some who believe in compassion towards all living things, including Holly Dulsky
Most of us have pets now or have some kind of pet a horse,a farm animal, to a reptile. we You wouldn’t want to hurt your beloved pet, right ? Extend that compassion and kindness to all other animals, including animals raised and killed for food, clothing, or cosmetic testing…
Most people don’t make this connection, because food is seen as food, not a living thing.,  Most of us are to believe that animals are just animals..  As a whole series of steps have to be taken to get the meat  from the living animals

to our plates: raising and slaughtering the animal is done in another part of the world, then the meat is processed, packaged, packed, shipped, chopped, cooked, served, and what have you, depending on the food.

If we could see first-hand the conditions that these animals live in, how they’re treated, what they’re fed and shot up with, we might feel differently. It’s not just the killing of an animal that causes suffering but their living conditions from birth to death.Animals in our world are treated as  tools,non-living, non-feeling objects, and yet they aren’t.
Earth Glamour’s  mission isn’t only about selling Vegan-Cruelty Free beauty products,Earth Glamour is all about Compassion for all Animals.