For the Love of Animals Celebrating Gala

Defending the Endangered

Holly Dulsky, founder of Earth Glamour, is so excited to donate towards and take part in the upcoming event, “For the Love of Animals Celebrating Gala”. EG is happy to join such an important event, with the goal of saving the lives of the endangered, which aligns directly with EG’s mission:

“Earth Glamour’s compassion for all animals is strongly rooted and bound by our promise to sell only cruelty-free products. We are grateful to those who follow our organic-based lifestyle. The desire to stop animal abuse is the basis for our products. Together, we will preserve the lives of innocent animals.”

About Defending The Endangered 

Defending The Endangered is a movement founded by actress, musician, producer & animal activist, Jon Mack. It’s vision is to join forces with other artists, social pioneers, thinkers, healers & celebrities to raise awareness and put an end to poaching & trophy hunting.

Their mission is to educate & serve as a collective to end poaching & trophy hunting through our creative works.

We endeavor to work with many endangered animal rescues, sanctuaries & rangers to educate, rehabilitate & protect wildlife all over the planet. 

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